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Sea to Sky: An Ecuador Adventure

from $3,000 $2,805

Ply the turquoise waters of the Galápagos Islands with your paddle & discover why they are called the Enchanted Isles! As you explore three astonishingly diverse islands, you’ll discover spectacular, rugged landscapes and interact with the quirky local wildlife. Then, depart the stunning beaches of the Pacific & ascend to Ecuador’s highest peaks, where you will hike and bike through epic, rolling landscapes in a pristine Andean environment.

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Galapagos Highlights: An Adventure Among the Islands

from $5,400 $5,287

Traverse the sapphire waters of the Galapagos Islands and discover the marvels that make this one of the natural wonders of the world. Interact with exotic animals, conquer the rugged landscapes, engage in an ample variety of activities, and delve into history of the islands’ previous human inhabitants – all in this tour of a lifetime!

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A Taste of Ecuador: From Sky to Forest to Sea

from $4,300 $4,098

Hike and bike among Ecuador’s highest peaks, descend to immerse yourself in the mysteries of the Amazon rainforest, and explore the turquoise waters of the Galapagos Islands. In this comprehensive tour, you’ll enjoy close encounters with Ecuador’s wonderfully quirky wildlife, journey through spectacular landscapes, and delve into the rich histories of the local peoples.

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