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from $1,350 $1,120

A semi-independent land based 6 days program. You will visit Santa Cruz, Cristobal and a nerby islands, and be able to choose from a variety of land, water or underwater activities , while you visit three unique island.

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GALAPAGOS ESCAPE: Visit 3 islands/all inclusive

from $2,500 $2,250

An all inclusive, land based 5 days program. You will visit Santa Cruz, Isabela and Plazas, allowing you to get to know the different characters of the islands – bustling Santa Cruz, the sea lion retreat of Plazas, and beachy, relaxed Isabela with its easygoing feel. It’s the perfect adventure for the active traveler, who likes to travel in style and with all services included. 

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Cotopaxi Adventure Trail

from $1,000 $859

Ascend to Ecuador’s mountainous heavens, where you will hike and bike through gorgeous landscapes in a pristine Andean environment. Enjoy a myriad of outdoor activities away from it all and be comforted by the exquisite traditional local cuisines offered by Chilcabamba Lodge in this unique tour!

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