Month: January 2014

Three Fun Activities in Baños, Ecuador

The town of Baños is one of Ecuador’s top destinations. When you arrive at Baños for the first time, it’s easy to see why this beautiful place has attracted visitors for hundreds of years. Nestled in a valley on the flanks of Tungurahua Volcano, the surrounding scenery is absolutely stunning, the climate is wonderful, and the … Continued

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Things to do in Cuenca, Ecuador

The colonial city of Cuenca, Ecuador usually makes it onto the itineraries of most people visiting Ecuador. Given the enchanting beauty of this Andean city, it’s tough to see how this top Ecuadorian destination wouldn’t make it onto most people’s lists of must-see places. So, we know that place is scenic, but what else can … Continued

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The Galapagos Marine Reserve

The fertile waters, coral reefs, rocky beaches and mangroves surrounding the Galapagos Islands are protected as part of the Marine Reserve. They are as rich in wildlife as the famous Islands themselves and snorkelers and divers will be amazed by the large number of vividly colored fish, sea stars and urchins on the coral reefs. … Continued

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