Month: November 2014

Yellow Eyelash Palm-Pitviper Discovered in Ecuador

Recently, a team of herpetologists from Tropical Herping were working in Ecuador and discovered a snake that had never been seen in South America. An Oropel, or Yellow morph Eyelash Palm-Pitviper The serpent in question is the yellow morph of the Eyelash Palm-Pitviper (Bothriechis schlegelii) or “Oropel” and the following are some of the reasons why this … Continued

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The Muisne River Estuary Mangrove Wildlife Refuge

The Muisne River estuary is famous for two things: its production of shellfish, extracted from the mangroves that surround the area, and the African-Ecuadorian communities that continue to fight to protect this special environment that for centuries has provided them with their livelihood. The Muise River Estuary Mangrove Wildlife Refuge is located in the south … Continued

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