Amazing Insects in the Ecuadorian Amazon

Amazing Insects in the Ecuadorian Amazon

When most travelers hear the word “insects”, they usually think of ways to keep bugs from biting and how fast they can swat them. Although that might hold true for mosquitoes and other biting bugs, there are literally thousands of inoffensive insects that look downright incredible. Since many of them live in the biodiverse rainforests of eastern Ecuador, the jungles of the Ecuadorian Amazon are the perfect place for taking pictures of bizarre bugs, jewel-like beetles, fantastic butterflies, and much more.

A butterfly from eastern Ecuador.

Given that the rainforests of eastern Ecuador host an unknown number of insect species (estimates range from 10,000 to even 50,000), you could get shots of literally dozens of different exquisite bugs on every night hike.

A brilliant green beetle from the Ecuadorian Amazon.

Taking a guided night hike is the best way to find insects as well as frogs and other photogenic creatures because most of them come out at night. During the day, most insects stay hidden and out of sight to avoid being eaten by the large number of birds and othr predators hoping to eat them.

You won’t need to walk far from the lodge to see incredible insects either. A large number of species can show up right in the gardens of the lodge or in nearby forest. All it takes is a good headlamp, patience, and a camera with macro lens and flash for impressive shots of amazing bugs.

Visit the Huaorani Ecolodge and other exciting rainforest destinations in eastern Ecuador for excellent photos of insects, birds, frogs, and other jungle wildlife.

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