Post Office Bay, Floreana Island

  The wooden barrel at Post Office Bay is very likely the Galapagos Islands’ most famous man-made site. It has been in use since the 1700’s, first for whalers and now for tourists. Visitors leave unstamped mail in the ‘post office’ barrel on Floreana Island for hand-delivery by other travelers. They then root through its […]

Otavalo Cultural Trails

The lakes district in the Northern Andes is a beautiful area to explore, not only for its scenery and interconnected valleys, but also for the world-famous indigenous market of Otavalo, Ecuador and its fascinating community of local entrepreneurs. Here, under the watchful gaze of the majestic Mount Imbabura, visitors will find the quiet and harmony […]

Mystic Weaver: Weaving Inca Links

“Four generations or perhaps even more” says Miguel Andrango, master weaver, when I ask him how long his family has been in the trade. He himself can remember that far, but admits that there may have been more family members involved even further back. As for the present, he tells me that his four sons and […]

Floreana Island – Galapagos

The Galapagos’ Floreana Island has a history cloaked in mystery. There are unsolved murders, love triangles and old pirate caves to explore, as well as the natural wonders that the Galapagos Islands are deservedly famous for. We recommend that travelers learn a bit about the Island’s history prior to visiting to set the stage. There […]

Jungle Journal – Flowers of Sani

“Peace, love, flower power, let’s all get along!” Ohhhh hippies, love them or firehose them, there’s always a few hanging around ready to braid your hair and offer you a “complimentary hug”. But flowers are not the innocent beauties people make them out to be. They deceive, they beguile and they manipulate. Nowhere is this […]

Jungle Journal: Deception in the Amazon

The art of deception: Mimicry and camouflage Camouflage and mimicry. Two key strategies built on deception, and present in a surprising number of rainforest residents. Each tactic can be simplified and distilled to one or two key ideas, but I am not going to do that. These are rich, complex and endlessly fascinating topics deserving […]

Dive in to the Galapagos!

Ecuador’s famous Galapagos Islands are best known for their incredible wildlife. At Destination Ecuador, we want your first experience on arrival to be able to get up close and personal with some of the Islands’ fantastic animals, so on our unique, land-based Galapagos trips, our first activity has you diving right into water activities. After […]

Are The Jungles of Ecuador Dangerous?

“The jungle” can evokes images of dangerous, dense forests where venomous creatures and savage animals lurk in the shadows. However, those images are only found in the imagination of screen writers and those who have never actually been to a tropical forest, especially the Amazon. In the rainforests of Ecuador, South America, although there are […]