The Delights of Ecuadorian Cuisine

The Delights of Ecuadorian Cuisine

When we travel, we don’t just board planes to dive coral reefs, hike in areas with spectacular mountain scenery, and experience world-class bucket-list destinations. We also travel to experience local culture and food is always a big part of the local scene. We like to taste cuisine that we can’t find at home, and sample the delicacies associated with different regions within the same country.

Although Ecuadorian cuisine has yet to make big waves on the international foodie circuit, anyone who travels to Ecuador comes to the quick realization that the trip is going to be a delicious one. When it comes to good food, Ecuador has a lot more to offer than most people realize, and given the long history of Ecuador and the nation’s very different regions, this should really come as no surprise.

Upon arrival in Quito, you can sample scrumptious potato-based dishes, other high-Andean fare, and even sample gourmet, locally produced chocolate.

After leaving Quito, stays in haciendas near Otavalo and other highland areas are accompanied by hearty, high-Andean recipes that are made with local produce, and cooked with care.

Venture into the Amazonian lowlands, and you will enjoy meals accompanied by fresh fruit juices, plantains, and other jungle ingredients.

Fare on the other side of the mountains has some similarities but also includes fantastic, fresh seafood.

Get ready for a fantastic eating experience on a trip to Ecuador. You can also learn how to make some of those delicious recipes!

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