Escape the Winter in Ecuador

Escape the Winter in Ecuador

For many folks in North America and Europe, the cold, gray days of December are here again. No matter how much people enjoy the holiday season, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that they are in for two or three more months of freezing cold weather. On some of the coldest days, more than one person has wondered what the weather must be like way down south on the equator. Well, we can tell you exactly what to expect!

Situated right on the equator, Ecuadorenjoys the same, beautiful weather all year long. To escape the snow, you might like a walk on the beach. There are several beautiful ones to choose from on the Pacific coast and we can guarantee that you won’t be cold.

One of Ecuador’s beautiful beaches.

After the beach, make the most of the tropical climate with a boat ride through the mangroves near Guayaquil. Or, visit unique tropical dry forest in and near Machalilla National Park. For an easy blend of adventure and possible whale sightings, take a boat ride to Isla de la Plata.

If you still need to warm up after the cold days of  a northern December, pay a visit to the warm, humid rainforests of eastern Ecuador at the Huaorani Ecolodge.

Rainforest hike at the Huaorani Ecolodge.

To round out the winter escape, take an exciting cruise in the Galapagos Islands.

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