Are The Jungles of Ecuador Dangerous?

Are The Jungles of Ecuador Dangerous?

“The jungle” can evokes images of dangerous, dense forests where venomous creatures and savage animals lurk in the shadows. However, those images are only found in the imagination of screen writers and those who have never actually been to a tropical forest, especially the Amazon. In the rainforests of Ecuador, South America, although there are Anacondas, Jaguars, and Black Caimans, people are far more likely to die from bee stings in a suburban park in Ohio than be attacked by one of those predators. As with any wild area, people still have to be careful about staying on the trail, and are always better off walking with an experienced guide, but tropical forests tend to be far less dangerous than some over-creative minds might think.

Jaguar HE

Ecuador is no exception. Despite hosting some of the most biodiverse rainforests on the planet, driving back and forth to work through heavy traffic is more risky than walking in the jungle. The vast majority of animals are shy and would rather be left alone than attack anyone, Jaguars included. This actually presents serious challenges to seeing animals like wild cats, tapirs, and snakes. Because of their shy nature, it’s actually far easier to watch birds, and look for frogs and amazing, bizarre bugs (especially at night).

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Visit tropical forests in Ecuador to experience the the beauty and incredible biodiversity of these amazing habitats.

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