Floreana Lava Lodge
Relax in the most quiet, undisturbed, undeveloped and utterly peaceful place in the Galapagos

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Floreana Lava Lodge

Floreana Island is surrounded by mystery and enchantment. One of only four inhabited islands in the Galapagos, it is home to a wonderful, secluded spot right on the water: Floreana Lava Lodge. While the old Galapagos way of life has been slowly disappearing, Floreana's small population of fewer than 150 people has fought to keep the special character of their island intact.

Floreana Lava Lodge is a place from another age – quiet, undisturbed, undeveloped and utterly peaceful. There’s no other place like it in the Galapagos archipelago or perhaps in the world, and our eco-freindly lodge is the perfect place to slow down and soak in the magic, away from the crowds found on other inhabited islands.

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Lodge features

  • Wooden Deck for Yoga
  • BBQ Event
  • Organic Food
  • Locally Produced Ingredients

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Activities & Information

Located in Puerto Velasco Ibarra, Lava Lodge is owned by members of the Cruz family, one of Floreana’s longest-residing families. Built on black lava sands near the ocean’s edge, the lodge’s cabins are situated on one of the best sites on the entire archipelago for sea views and gorgeous sunsets. It’s comfortable and cozy, with friendly local service and a casual, relaxed air.

Much of the food served at the lodge is grown by its owners, including the many of freshly squeezed juices you might enjoy with breakfast, along with some just-collected eggs. They will have been brought from the Cruz farm the night before or early that morning.

Only 5 minutes’ walk from the village center, Lava Lodge is also only steps away from a sea lion colony that resides inside the National Park. Guests can swim, snorkel and paddle, or simply lie back and watch the Islands’ most famous marine inhabitants in their natural surroundings.

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