How to Mate like the Blue Footed Booby

How to Mate like the Blue Footed Booby

Blue Footed Booby in the Galapagos Islands

The Blue Footed Booby is one of the most interesting birds in the world.  The name “Booby” is thought to be derived from the Spanish word “Bobo” meaning stupid or foolish and the was most likely used when explorers observed the birds strange behavior on land….especially while mating.

While the Blue Footed Booby is distributed along the Pacific coast from Baja, California to northern Peru, it is estimated that nearly a third to half of their total population go to the Galapagos Islands during breeding season.  What a lovely place to mate!

Our challenge to you: Go to the Galapagos with your significant other and mate like a Booby!

Here’s How:

  1. 1. Find the right spot:Blue Footed Boobies prefer to breed on rocky islands
  1. 2. Strut your stuff: The male Blue Footed Booby first displays his feet to the female by strutting in front of her.  As you may have guessed, brighter and bluer feet make a Booby more attractive as it suggests they are strong and healthy.
  1. 3. Give her a token of your affection: The Blue Footed Booby then presents the female with a gift; often a stick, stone, or nesting materials.
  1. 4. Make a cat call: The male Booby then points his beak, tail and wings high up into the air and whistles.
  1. 5. Do a little dance: What comes next is the most interesting part of all.  The male Booby marches around the female for hours lifting his webbed feet high up into the air with each step.

So make sure you add a Galapagos Islands Tour onto your travel to Ecuador and try it!  while some might call you “Bobo” or foolish, it works for the Blue-Footed Booby!

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