Operational Excellence – New Sustainability Manager at Tropic

Operational Excellence – New Sustainability Manager at Tropic

As part of our National Geographic World Legacy Awards celebrations and 21st anniversary and as part of our constant desire to improve the quality of our service. Tropic is glad to announce that a new manager, Jose Luis Quintero, a professional in the areas of marketing and business administration has been officially incorporated onto our team.

José Luis Quintero is Venezuelan and living in Ecuador since 2009. He earned his degree as an industrial engineer in Venezuela and then a master’s in business administration from INCAE Business School in Costa Rica with a focus on sustainable development and finance and economics.

Jose Luis Quintero at the Huaorani Ecolodge

Jose Luis Quintero at the Huaorani Ecolodge

His most recent achievement was the launch of Rail Cruise (Tren Crucero) tourism product in Ecuador, achieving a successful national and international positioning, reflected in significant recognition of the tourism industry as a World Travel Award 2014 “Best luxury train in South America” ​​and British Guild of Travel Award 2013 “Best tourist product outside Europe”.

Jose Luis has exciting plans for Tropic. “I think tour operators have not fully explored the potential of Ecuador, a country where diversity of cultures, landscapes and wildlife- is simply astonishing. As Alexander von Humboldt -the German naturalist- noted in the 19th century, when you transverse Ecuador from the Amazon rain forest to the snow line of Cotopaxi, it equals a journey from Brazil to northern Canada in terms of climate changes and plant formations, nowadays we can complete that journey in one day” points out Jose Luis “this is the type of direction we will give to Tropic: to find new, unexplored and rich natural areas of Ecuador and to open access for our clients in a respectful, low impact way. I think that in the age of globalization, journeys to other planets and ultra-fast communications, some people think there is nothing left to explore on our planet. To me Ecuador is a proof that it is not true yet”.

We welcome and wish every success to Jose Luis in this journey to nature and spirit.

With kind regards,

The Tropic Team

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