Travel through Ecuador

Travel through Ecuador

Join us on a journey trough Destination Andes! For two weeks DE’s owner, Jascivan Carvalho, traveled from the north to south to enjoy the best of the country, sharing notes, and taking photos along the way.
Check out the haciendas he stayed in and a few of his favorite Destinations.
Destination:Piman – One of the less know regions of Ecuador, as well as one of the most hidden.  This place is like finding an oasis, lush gardens, a romantic swimming pool and amazing rooms.  We discovered Piman in style staying at this new hacienda from which we could explore Chota and the afro Ecuadorian people that live in the area.

Destination Ecuador, the Chota Valley, WOW sugar cane plantation in the Andes, Afro Ecuadorian community, check out these amazing masks! YES we are in Ecuador. A great train ride coming back from Hacienda Piman towards Ibarra. We picked up one of these masks along the way stayed tuned on how YOU can win it!
Destination Ecuador Ibarra: the white city, we tried the BEST ice cream made of fresh ecuadorian tropical fruits, helados de paila.  YUM!!!

Destination Ecuador, Zuleta: Traveling trough Cayambe, the only snow capped volcano where the equator line passes.  We discovered a hidden and fertile valley at Zuleta, probably the most aristocratic hacienda in Ecuador, and learned about a successful cheese factory conquering the heart of the Ecuadorians.

Destination Otavalo: we love markets!  Even more so when they are alive, authentic and hosts are willing to share experiences like this

Destination Cotacachi: we explored a leather city! Cotacachi is well known for Its leather production, check out this funky store.

Destination Pinsaqui: we stayed at an hacienda that hosted Simon Bolivar, the liberator.  It had beautiful gardens, amazing food and areas to relax in for us and the general on his way to Quito.

Destination Mojanda: We loved mojanda!  This groovy destination celebrates shamanism, yoga, and  vegetarian food.   Its walking distance to the Otavalo market and has amazing views of Mount Imbabura and Cotacachi volcano.

Destination Inca Hacienda, San Agustin: imagine a place where The Inca himself used to rest while visiting the Cotopaxi region

Destination Ecuador El Porvenir: probably the most fun and active destination in the Cotopaxi Region offering activities such as mountain biking, zip lining, trekking and climbing.

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