Ecuador Trivia Challenge with PRIZES!!!!

Play Destination Ecuador’s Trivia Challenge by responding to the following questions in the comment section (number your answers please).  One lucky person who answers all questions correctly will be chosen to win a coffee table book with beautiful photographs of the indigenous Amazonian Huaorani tribe. 1. What is the name of this well-known artisan market, […]

Wildlife in the Cloud Forests of Ecuador

Ecuador is one of the most biodiverse countries on Earth. Although it’s about the same size as the state of Colorado, more than 1,500 bird species have been recorded within its borders along with an incredible number of plants, reptiles, amphibians, and countless varieties of insects. Ecuador’s amazing biodiversity is distributed across various ecosystems but […]

Extreme Sports in Banos, Ecuador

Banos, Ecuador has long been a top destination in this exciting Andean country. This small town is situated on the flanks of Tungurahua Volcano at an elevation of 1,800 meters and has a comfortable spring-like climate. Although Tungurahua is considered to be an active volcano, the activity most experienced by tourists comes in the form […]

Best things to buy in Ecuador

  Cool Ecuadorian Souvenirs After making a list of the gear and travel items needed for a trip to Ecuador, put together another list of things to buy during your time in this exciting Andean country. As with most places in the world, Ecuador has its set of wares and items that are unique to […]

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the best time to travel to Ecuador and the Galapagos? Ecuador is a year-round travel destination due to its diversity of landscapes.  Different geographical regions have their own weather patterns and ideal visiting seasons.   The high seasons of tourism generally coincide with American and European school vacation periods: December-January and June-August. What is […]